• 2016
    08Joined the Federation of Korean Industries
    10Launched “Good Butane”
  • 2015
    01Renamed OJC
    05Introduced 18L high-speed line in the Jeonju factory
    09Launched ECO Can II
    11Launched Neo Saute Pan
  • 2014~2013
    14.08Launched ‘Dr.HOWS’, a premium portable fuel with a safety device (RVR)
    14.06Developed a 4L circle plastic can
    14.01Launched “Berndes” in three major department stores in Korea
    13.12Established the Research Tech Center
    13~14Registered 157 intellectual property rights (accumulated 283 rights)
  • 2012
    10Registered 34 intellectual property rights
    09Launched kitchen suppliers (EVERCUT / FLONAL / Jamie Oliver / KORKMAZ)
  • 2011
    12Won the 30 million dollar Export Tower Award
    11Launched ECO Can
    01Opened the SAP ERP System
  • 2010
    03~12Introduced and established the SAP ERP System
    01Launched TTS Engineering Co. Ltd.
  • 2009
    12Won Proud SME Award
    11Established a US branch office
    08Established a Vietnam branch office
  • 2008
    12Accomplished 100 billion won in sales revenues
    11Acquired Japan TTS, won the 20 million dollar Export Tower Award
    07Established a research center affiliated with the company
  • 2007
    11Selected as an excellent organization at human resource development and obtained Best HRD certificate
    10Selected as an excellent company at quality competitiveness, won the Minister of Commerce Award
    02Obtained the INNOBIZ certificate
  • 2006~2005
    06.09Expanded the portable fuel high-speed automation No. 2 line in Ansan factory
    06.07Registered a utility model for a load-improved can in the Ulsan factory
    05.11Won the 10 million dollar Export Tower Award, won the President/Minister of Commerce Award
  • 2004~2003
    04.03Obtained a European portable fuel export certificate
    03.03Obtained the ISO 9001:2000 standard certificate (KGS), introduced a portable fuel high-speed automation No. 2 line in the Ansan factory
  • 2002~2000
    02.10Obtained the US UL certificate
    00.07Established the ERP information system
    00.06Obtained the KSA ISO 9002 certificate
  • 1999~1990
    95.07Established a new factory in Jeonju
    95.01Renamed Onejung Canning Co. Ltd.
    94.06Expanded the drum line in the Ulsan factory
    94.03Introduced an aerosol high-speed automation line in the Ansan factory
    92.05Introduced an 18L high-speed automation line in the Ulsan factory
  • 1989~1970
    89.09Introduced an aerosol high-speed automation line
    88.02Established a new factory in Ansan
    84.03Established a new factory in Ulsan
    83.06Introduced and expanded the aerosol line, renamed Maeil Canning Co., Ltd.
    79.11Started the Maeil Industry Co. Ltd. canning business
    78.02Appointed CEO Song Tae Jin
    73.01Established Gyeongpo Cast Iron Co., Ltd.