Employee Welfare

Soeun Welfare Fund
The Soeun Welfare Fund, (meaning the “resonating sound of laughter”), was established as a nonprofit corporation in June 2012. OJC accumulates 3% of its annual net profits for the welfare fund and applies this to the betterment of its employees.
marriage and childbirth congratulatory money, child education support, family medical expense support, family funeral expense support, life stability fund loan and hope fund loan.

The SMILEY system
It is a compound word of smile and family.
· The SMILEY system, which aims to provide happiness for employees and their families,
is OJC's exclusive corporate culture that goes beyond the concept of welfare.
comfortable working environment
stable, and comfortable working environment
· improvement of factory environment through expansion
of the factory rest space, as well as restaurant facilities
pleasant organization
Create a workplace where labor and humanity happily coexist
· support for club activities and union meetings
innovative culture
A culture that can create results through creative thinking
· implementing a flexible working system, casual day,
birthday paid vacations, half-days off, sandwich days off, etc.
Family love culture
Establish a management culture where employees and
their family members are considered
· e.g. Family Month events, gift-giving for the children of
employees for university entrance examinations, child support expenses
A positive organization
A positive organization where employees treat each other with praise,
encouragement, and friendliness,
· An Excellent Employee Award is also given