Living Supplies

Living Supplies, Business Division's Business Area
With the know-how accumulated through our global business, we are proud to present our superior European kitchen appliances to customers, offering practical designs and reasonable prices, distributing them to prestigious department stores and various channels within Korea, giving customers broad access to our products.

About the Brand

  • Dr.HOWS

    Our brand, 'Doctor House’, is your smart living partner, specializing in kitchen and living supplies. In addition to the Neo-Saute Pan, winner of reputable design awards, we are constantly developing products that are essential for consumers' lives, in keeping with our brand philosophy of delivering smart living know-how.

  • reisenthel

    Emphasizing the robustness and functionality from Germany, it is loved by more than 52 countries including many in Europe, the USA and Japan. Especially, it has won many design awards in the shopping and travel categories. It is a brand that is constantly changing and growing through new product development every year.

  • Berndes

    Berndes Bonanza Saucepan Set Berndes is a traditional cookware brand that was first established in Germany in 1921. It boasts the highest quality innovative kitchenware products that was the first company to apply non-stick coating technology to aluminum castings. This luxurious German cookware brand has been heralded all over the world, especially in Europe, Asia, and the USA.


    Flonal is an Italian brand specialized in frying pans that are exported to 60 countries worldwide. It was established in 1985 and has a long history and advanced technology in the non-stick cookware industry.

  • Jamie Oliver

    A brand of kitchen cookware and outdoor products that are based on the simple and free-spirited cooking philosophy of Jamie Oliver, a culinary genius from the UK. It allows you to fully experience the pleasure of cooking.


    The Dutch brand Vacuvin, established in 1980, has been recognized around the world for developing unique and practical kitchen cooking tools, and as the No. 1 brand in wine accessories in the world. We also sell products that have won a variety of design awards for their creative ideas. Vacuvin’s R & D focuses on product quality and design, enabling product development tailored to each country's culture. Winner of the Europe Design Management award (by DEM: Design Management Europe) the UK's No. 2 supermarket distribution brand, Sainsbury Gold, selected it as a supplier. Vacuvin is represented with items from major brands from all over the world. As the No. 1 brand in the global bar category, it carries various whiskey and beer brands.

  • Sage

    Since 1962, Sage has been developing wood fiber laminate technology to prevent propagation of microbes, and making hygienic and environmentally friendly products to meet the needs of professional chefs, and continues to produce cutting boards, bakery tables and cooking utensils. Wood fiber laminate increases durability as much as 4 times that of compressed hardwood, by applying high pressure, heat, and natural resin to layers of thinly cut hardwood. Since wood fiber laminate is treated with high density technology, it prevents bacterial growth as well as provides durability and heat resistance. We design and produce kitchen cutting boards and cooking tools with the same quality as 'Sage' products used in the restaurant industry.